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salt creek construction

Original Construction

The Salt Creek Levee System was built as part of the Salt Creek and Tributaries Flood Control Project in the 1960’s and included a system of dams, channel improvements, and levee construction.

These levees and dams have prevented approximately $250 million in flood damages in Lincoln.  The May 2015 storm created record floods, filling the levees to within a foot of overtopping, yet these projects prevented more than $100 million in flood damages.

The levee system offers substantial flood risk reduction, but Salt Creek still poses a flood risk to Lincoln residents and businesses, primarily during large storm events.


Completed in 1967

Salt Creek Flooding


The Lower Platte South NRD is responsible for operating and maintaining the Salt Creek Levee System to federal standards, as well as rehabilitating the system as needed.  The NRD is currently working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to develop a comprehensive plan for the Salt Creek Levee System. This plan is called a System-Wide Improvement Framework (SWIF).

A SWIF plan identifies the deficiencies and maintenance needs of a levee system, and will help guide the NRD’s flood risk reduction efforts for at least the next 50 years. Developing a SWIF plan is necessary for the Salt Creek Levee System to remain eligible for federal rehabilitation assistance. This planning effort will not result in an increased or decreased level of flood protection, affect FEMA maps, or flood insurance.

The NRD will use the SWIF plan as part of a long-term maintenance and improvement plan to ensure Lincoln residents continue to have reliable flood risk reduction along Salt Creek.


Plan/Project Implementation

– Began in 2016 with a projected completion date of 2032

Drainage Structures

Comprehensive inspections of all drainage outfall pipes through the levees were completed in 2012.  The routine inspection indicated conditions at 8 drainage structures through the levees required replacement.  The NRD invested $1.3M in this replacement work, which was completed in 2014.


Completed in 2014

middle creek tie back

Middle Creek Tieback

The May 2015 flood event tested the system like never before, filling the main levees directly along Salt Creek to within a foot of overtopping.  The flood event helped identify areas along the system which required rehabilitation.  One of these areas is the tieback levee at the Middle Creek tributary, south of Rosa Parks Way.  While the design and permitting effort for the rehabilitation project is underway, the NRD installed sand-filled flood barrier baskets as an Interim Risk Reduction Measure (IRRM).


Projected construction date

– Fall 2017

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