Salt Creek Levees

Engineered to reduce the risk of flooding in Lincoln.
salt creek levee system map

“Salt Creek Levee System Map, source National Levee Database”, click to access the interactive National Levee Database map

How Levees Work

Manmade structures that reduce the flood risk.

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Residual Risks

What risks remain even with flood control projects in place?

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Flood Risk Scenarios

Do you know understand your current flood risks?

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The Cost of Flooding

Find out what flooding in your home could cost you.

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Total Est. Damages Prevented, Including Upstream Dams
Est. Damages Prevented by Levees
0 Years
Age of Levee System

How do levees work?

Levees are an engineered system that reduce the frequency of flooding for the areas they protect

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Levee Simulator

Launch the Levee Simulator to see how levees work to reduce flood risk and what happens if they fail.

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Residual Risk

Even with all the tools individuals and government agencies use to reduce risk, it cannot be completely eliminated.

Residual Risk Graphic

The Residual Risk graphic has been designed to help you understand the collective steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of flood. Even with tools ranging from Zoning Regulations to structural flood control projects such as levees, some level of risk will always remain. Since there is always risk, it is important to be prepared.

Residual Risk Graph

 Source: USACE

So, You Live Behind a Levee

Most people know that levees are built near rivers and lakes to reduce flooding risk, but what does it mean to live behind one?

Levee Brochure

Are your home and loved ones safe from floods? How much protection does the levee really provide? What do you need to know to be safe? The American Society of Civil Engineers has created an informational brochure to help individuals and communities better protect themselves against future flood threats. Please follow the link to view the brochure.

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The Cost of Flooding

Small house, big house.  Small flood, big flood.  No matter the size of the flood or your home, flood damages will cost you thousands.

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Cost of Flooding Tool

Use the Cost of Flooding tool to estimate the cost of damages if a flood struck your home.

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Flood Risk Scenarios

Floods can strike anywhere and be caused by a number of factors, both natural and manmade. Flooding can even happen in areas protected by levees; acknowledging and understanding the risk of living behind a levee can protect you from the costly damages left behind.

Flood Risk Scenario Tool

Explore the Flood Risk Scenario to see how your home could be impacted by flood. Be sure to watch the “Dams/Levees” video.

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Want to know more?

Navigate below to learn more about the Salt Creek Levees and the SWIF Plan.
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A System Wide Improvement Framework, or SWIF is currently being developed to help maintain the Salt Creek Reduction Levees.

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Learn more about the team working to bring the Salt Creek Reduction Levees to meet the updated USACE levee standards.

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Browse through photos of the Salt Creek Flood Reduction levees as well as photos taken during flooding conditions in Lincoln, Ne.

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